About Sessions

About the sessions and which one to choose…

Outdoor/ on location session: I love sunset photography which is about an hour, hour and a half before the sun set behind the horizon. Even when the sun is hiding behind the clouds it is the best time to do photography outside. Unless you have small children, this is what I advice for outdoors sessions. I invested my time to find beautiful locations for photography, as a photographer needs to know where the sun sets – the lighting it will provide, what time is that location at its best, and what scenes the location offers. I have various locations from beach, parks, creek, lake, or garden. Most of the locations I take my clients do not require an additional charge, however, there are some gardens or parks that do have an additional charge. This charge is not mine to keep, it is what the county, or the organization who takes care of the property charges.

Families with small children that can not do sunset hours, I have a couple of locations that I know have good lighting and scene options during the day. These locations are limited.

Maternity sessions are best when you are about 5 to 7 months pregnant when you start showing your belly.

Photographers like overcast conditions. In cloudy conditions, the lighting is even and can be photographed at any time of the day, however, keep in mind predicting the weather is impossible. If we have scheduled a sunset time, and it turns out to be a cloudy day, you can reach out to me to reschedule your session for an earlier time if you would like to, and I have that time available.

I do not reschedule outdoors sessions unless it is emergency, or a rainy day (sometimes even drizzling day can turn into a fun session).

I advise you to plan at least a month ahead of the session, as there are a couple of things you need to plan for: think about the weather, the season you love and would like to have your family photographs taken at. Look in your closets to find the proper clothes for the session, go to store or order online. I have a guideline to help you choose the right clothes that you can follow.

Lifestyle/in-home sessions: Sometimes you would like to capture the everyday life, the moments you spend with your family at home, a daily routine, the important tasks you do with your family, a family tradition, to remind you what your family is about, what kind of bond you have. Life is too short, children grow too fast, and you want that memory for you and your children, and their children to keep, to have a remainder of that time. This is when you plan for a session in your home environment. When you do schedule your session in your home, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. Your home needs a lot of light. The reason is, you can see in your home, but the camera can not, cameras need more light to be able to capture an image, therefore the best place in your home to capture your moments are by windows, keep the curtains open. Clean your home from clutter, it will open up space, make it more airy, simple, and too much clutter in your photographs will take away the attention from you. We want to capture you and your family not the things you have. Less is more is my motto.

In Studio Portraits: As much I love outdoor photography, I do offer studio portraiture. These sessions are best for business portfolio, glamour family or women style posed portraiture, or for your individual needs. You also need to plan ahead for this session as you may need to set up an appointment with a makeup artist, a hairdresser and also to ensure you have a good selection of outfits to wear. I have a makeup artist and hair stylist available (not included the session fee/ it is an additional cost to you), but we need to set the date and time ahead as well.

How long will your session take…

Regular sessions can take anywhere from 1-2 hours, allowing enough time for changing outfits or location, comfort and the ease of the session.

Newborn Sessions: When it comes to our smallest clients, babies, we take special care during our session. They are too precious and we want you to trust us when we are posing them. I took numerous courses and practiced posing over several years to know how to pose babies safely, without harming them. I understand you see a lot of cute baby poses online, on Pinterest, and other social media, but you have to understand, every baby is different, and may not like particular pose. I like simple posing where there is not that much stress on the baby, and unless they are in a deep sleep, where they can be manipulated better into more difficult posing I will not do so for the safety of the baby.

To choose the best session for your baby you need to know what you are looking for, and what is important to you. There are two kinds of sessions, that I offer: Studio and in-home lifestyle 

Studio: I recommend this session for parents who are interested in posed newborn photography, and the babies are anywhere between 3-14 days of age. In our studio, we have multiple baskets, props, dresses, outfits available. I do basket posing and beanbag posing, specially designed for newborns. (you can see examples in my Newborn portfolio). Typically, newborn posed newborn session last anywhere from 2 – 4 hours, depending on the baby and the package you choose. Our studio is kept at a very warm temperature (about 80 F) for the comfort of the baby, so we ask you to dress yourself and family lightly. We offer water and a nice environment to relax while we take care of your baby and take some beautiful photographs for you. You are welcome to watch and help, or you can just sit down and relax, maybe take a little nap. We do ask you to feed the baby when she/ he is hungry. Depending on you your package you choose, you can bring family members to the session. I love when parents are involved and take photographs with their baby, as well as siblings. The outfit and props are usually discussed before the session in our complimentary Pre-session consultation. 

In-home lifestyle session: This type of session is perfect for families who did not get to do posed photographs, or waited till the baby is a little older, anywhere after 2 weeks of age. It is in your home, an environment the baby has accustomed to already, and is more relaxed. When a baby is about 3-13 days old, they like warm about 80 F temperature, mostly when lightly clothed or naked. I do bring a basket or two and some hats/ tiebacks, or an outfit to take a couple of styled photos for you as they sleep most of the time and it is a good chance we can capture some posed photographs, but the main reason for lifestyle photography is to capture your time with the baby, the bond, the love. When the baby is older, 2 weeks until about 3 months, it is less likely to capture posed photographs of them. They are more alert, they may have colic or other problems, I recommend not to stress over a posed photographs, rather do a simple lifestyle session, capturing your time with the baby. An in-home session can last anywhere from 1 – 2 hours, and we include family members in photographs, capturing the cuddles, kisses, and love…


About 1-2 weeks after your session, I will email you with a password for your private online proofing gallery. The online gallery will remain active for 21 days. You will have a chance to pick your favorite images, and which images to print and what size. The order can take 2-6 weeks for delivery.  All images will be stored and archived after 60 days. Once the gallery has been closed there will be a $25 fee to upload your gallery for an additional 7 days.


You can order your prints by sending me an email with your selections. If you choose to order more than your package, an invoice will then be sent back with payment details. Payment can be made by PayPal, Facebook, Money order, Cashiers check, cash, or mobile application. Products are ordered once full payment is received. 


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