Photography classes and specials

I truly believe in having a regular camera at home. I personally do not take photographs of my children on cell phones, only sometimes I know I will not be printing those images. I take my regular camera on every trip. I talked to so many clients and realized a lot of them do have a camera, but with the technology so advanced, they feel lost looking at the menu on the camera. To be honest, there are too many bottoms on camera, too many options that you really do not need to take a great photograph. I came with a solution and want to help those who would like to create beautiful memories using their camera. I am offering classes about camera and basics or editing classes which will be either One on One, or if you have friends who are interested in learning photography, we can make it as a fun group friends photo/ learning outing ( max 5) and that one will be held in my studio. The One on One class can be held in client home or in park depending on weather and preference. Editing classes need to be one on one only, as they are a little more complicated, and people can be on a different level depending on their knowledge.  If you are interested in a class, please fill out the form. There is a $50 non-refundable deposit to hold your date and time. It will be used towards the fee. In case of emergency, the date can be rescheduled. I will send you invoice once you submit your form.

One on One class

Photography/ Editing ONE on ONE class

$50/ per hour - 2 hours minimum

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